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    How to Increase Log off Time in Asp.Net

    Hi Developers,
    I am Developed a Project and hosted it.
    Now in live am entering a values then sometimes i am going to lesson some other Activities, After 15 or 20 minutes it will not inserted my entered values. It show the following Message.

    but if i am refresh the page and fill up the values with in 5 minutes na it will inserted fine with no issue.

    i cant able to understand
    so anyone advise me to what is the meaning of that message. and
    how to i am resolve it also how i am increase log of time

    thanks with
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    Default session timeout is of 20 minutes, if your web application is kept idle for 20 minutes your session_end event will get triggered in global.aspax.
    you can increase session time out in web.config as follows

    < configuration>
    < system.web>
    < sessionState
    timeout="30" />
    < /system.web>
    < /configuration>

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    Hi Paul,

    I agree with Prasad comments, In web applications we have a concept called as StateManagement, it will maintain the state over the browser, as per Microsoft terminology we have different types of statemanagement techniques are there, like client side and server side, foreach of these having some advantages as well as disadvantages also there. Coming to your issue, one of the concept in statemanagement is session, if the Idle time is 20 min then session will loose there state, if you want to maintain state up to your desired timeout then in web config file set the timeout as you want.


    <SessionState mode="InProc" timeout="60" />

    If you want to know more about the sessions then read below article,
    Hope you understood....

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    In webconfig you can extend the timeout. Couple of url for the reference please review.


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