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    VB.NET to C# code conversion tool: Not working

    Dear Team,

    VB.NET to C# code conversion tool: is not working while using below URL.

    It gives various errors for example
    "VB.Net Compiler Errors:
    Line: 0 Error: 'Sub Main' was not found in 'ptlbghfx'.
    Line: 1 Error: 'Class' statement must end with a matching 'End Class'."

    Can you please do the needful?


    VB.NET to C# code conversion tool: Error

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    This error occurred when there is incomplete code conversion, you need to give input in proper manner, Can you paste your VB.NET code here ? so that we can help you better to resolve the issue
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    This might be happen because of incomplete code pasted while convert time, request you to paste full code include references too,

    Use below link for conversion,

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