Css to Dynamic TreeView Master Page is not working after PostBack

Hi Guys,

I have master page in which i have a treeview whose nodes and subnodes are dynamic and not static. And according to the selection of nodes and subnodes , the report data will be displayed in the userpage. Everything is working done.

Now i added update panel in the user page to avoid flickering during postback. I also added update panel in the master page. Working fine as expected. But as the Tree view is dynamic, the css is not applied after postback after adding updatepanel. All other CSS of other controls in the Master page is applied and working. But Css of Tree view alone is not applied after post back.

For the first time when the page loads , the css of Treeview is applied and working. But once clicked and post back happens , the CSS for Treeview alone not working. The functionalities are working. SO i think its happening as the TreeView is dynamic and not static.

So please help me resolve this.

Rajabharathi R .