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    How to preview form data before submission

    Sir i have a student registration form and i just want to preview all the information before submission with the photo in a mannered format to print. Sir how can i code to do these.
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    To implement the above task you have to design your preview screen with respective controls as you want, and while click on preview save the records in State techniques like (Viewstate, Session etc...) and then using that State techniques you can bind the records to your preview screen controls.

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    So what should i do pls tell me in brief.

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    You have to take the same form instead of input controls like textboxes e.t.c you have to use Label controls . Place a preview button . You can use state management techniques like session or Viewstate

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    Sir please show me some examples.

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    try this code

    Select * from students where StudID=123

    print means using javascript

    function DoPrint()

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    If you want to preview you have to store the user entered value in session or something better Create Dynamic table so store the watever the user entered stored it on Datatable and pass the DT through session, for preview on the same page user Lightbox to show like modal window then get the value from the Session -- and assign to specific field.
    other way is to create a new form and take same fields that present on input form and then you can just store all values in session variable and display on new form and show new form as modalpopup using AJAX

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