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    Binding multiple combo boxes in a format

    Sir i am working on a windows application but their is a problem i am facing that there are 3 combo box 1st one is branch name 2nd one is course 3rd one is year, i have a text box also and i want an enrollment ID in this format branch name/course/year/E- ID number in the text box.
    Note-The E-ID Number should be the last number of student registered in that particular course.
    And one thing more sir I am unable to find a zip file which i was uploded earlier in any one of my question binding multiple dropdown list. please mail me that file if you have on
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    What exception is got ? have you successfully bind all comboboxes ? Please elaborate so that we can help you more
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    Please first elaborate your problem in detail, so that we can help you.
    One thing I understood with you question is that you want last E-ID of registered student.
    For that you can write a query like this and bind the result to your Enrollment ID textbox:
    select MAX(E-ID) from StudentTable
    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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    Hi Sachin,

    Your question is not clear?
    What you want from our end you need to explore in detailed, so that only we can help you better.

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    Sorry sir but i just want to ask you that i have 3 combo box 1st one is for Branch Name 2nd one is for Courses 3rd one is for session, i have a text box also in which i want an enrollment id.
    Suppose if i select the branch name 'BASE' and among many courses i have chosen 'JAVA' and the session selected 14-15 and if 15 student are registered for java course already then the E-ID should be BASE/JAVA/14-15/0016

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    Hi Sachin,

    Refer the below..

    In 3rd combo box selected index change event
    //////First get latest E-Id from databse using database call(select MAX(E-ID) from StudentTable ) and store in one variable for Ex. say ' Id'.
    int Id= //database call to get maximum id
    /////Declare a string as Result for textbox value,
    Result = 'dropdownname.Text' + '/' + 'dropdowncourse.Text' + ' / ' +'dropdownyear.Text' + '/' + 'E - ' + 'Id'


    Hope this will help you

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