Visual studio plug-in to consume WCF service

In a code file (ex:C# file) , a requirement is to display description of the variables on mouse-hover or on-right click of a variable.
Meaning/description of the variable (ex; variable in a C# file) in a database table.
My approach is as below,
- store description of variable in a DB table.
- Use a WCF service to connect to database and fetch the meaning of the variable which is right clicked or mouse-hovered.
- Create visual studio extension/plug-in which consumes/calls above WCF service.
- Install plug-in so that it appears as menu/tab item in visual studio which helps right click/mouse-hover and get variable information.
So please tell me how can I implement this using extension/plug-in. I am new to VS extension.

Please suggest if you could think of any other best approach