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    What Type of Architecture Is this?

    Hello my dear programmers..

    Well I am developing an application with a database server in one machine and client application runs in around 60 machines. all inside a single office.
    what type of Architecture im using here?
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    Hi Aivazhagan Sekar,

    Architectural pattern is depend up on what about project structure and how to build the application and how to link the application with database etc,...

    Your question is totally different with the above concerns, one you done the application you can run that application in N no of systems, but we won't say that is 1-Tier, 2-Tier based on application run in no of systems, we can say that how it is interrelated with project and how it's configure, how data fetches from database with easiest and effective way etc...

    So, please elaborate your question clearly..

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    It is a 2-tier architecture. 2-Tier Architectures is a kind of network between a client and a server. It is also know as client server architecture because direct communication takes place between client and server, so there is no middleware system exists between client and server.
    Easy to maintain and modification is simple.
    Communication is faster
    If we increase the number of users, performance decreases.
    High cost.
    Hope it helps.
    Shashikant Gurav

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    3 tier Architecture is best?

    1.DAL--> Data Access Layer
    2.BAL-> Business Logic
    3. Presentation Layer

    then you can also use for MVC

    this is light weight project

    we can easily developed light weight project we can move MVC

    MVC- > Model View Controller.

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