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    Shuffle data from database using with c#

    on page refresh i want to fetch data from database in SQL and show in repeater control
    the data should be displayed and data shuffle after page refresh in with c#
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    Hi Akshay,

    What type of problem have you faced to implement this task.?

    If you are bind the records outside IsPostBack in page load event obviously you could able to bind your latest records in your data control( repeater control ).


    protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (!IsPostBack) // remove this condition
    Protected void BindData()
    da = new SqlDataAdapter("select deptno,dname,loc from DEPT", con);
    ds = new DataSet();

    Repeater1 .DataSource = ds;

    If you still having problem, then please let us know with details..

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    What is loading Method?
    can you share then which type criteria do you need shuffling data ?
    for ex; Data wise or Category Wise ?

    Can you explain more.

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