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  • Category: ASP.NET

    Calendar control exactly below a grid

    Calendar control is appearing below a Grid. But it was working fine yesterday. Suddenly it is having this issue today.
    I cleared cookies as well, still the same way.
    How to fix? Anything to be done in browser?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hi Swatz,

    Whether this issue happen in dev environment or production environment, check it once and then check the yesterday files as well as today files, check Is there any changes in both, and replace the old files with the specific environment and execute that, if still issue is happens then check the issue in all the browsers, if it's work in one browser and issue is reproduced in another browser then that might be browser compatibility issue, we have to fix it after seen the code only, before that you have to check all the above points and let us know.

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    It is working in my browser with chrome. User also has the same browser and version. How to fix this?

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