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    What is the easy way to learn ASP.NET.

    Dear Sir,

    I want to become a software developer but i am afraid of it and more over i have fixed a thing in my mind like "software is soo tough so i can't learn it in my life".Now I request you to guide me the easiest way to learn ASP.NET with in a short time.Thank you sir..
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    Not like that. Software Field is New Innovation.
    We can discover new things daily.
    You do one thing go to following link

    I have mention below url for beginners


    then we can improve your stuff means following this url

    read this every questions with answer you can improve from this.

    then raise your question here.

    When you raise Question you can learn new things so

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    There is a phrase saying "A will will find a way", nothing is impossible in this world, you can learn it easily.
    While getting started with programming we have first question, "Which language should I learn first" ? The most platform-native, modern, commonly used language for the kind of thing you want to make. I think you should go with C# as you want to learn ASP.NET, (basically ASP.NET support both C# and VB) it will be easy to build Windows app also with C#.
    No language is "too hard" for first-timers. Programming is naturally complex and unforgiving, and that's going to be intimidating at first. You'll face the same challenges as a new programmer in any language.

    check out below link for more details
    Best luck

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    After complete my Post Graduation, I'm too fear in the same way, but once I enter in to the Industry I realize that, "this is my life". If I didn't learn it I can't able to survey my life, so rather than think this is too difficult? Why can't I try to achieve it by read some articles in Google, after I think that I put my efforts and I made few simple projects, once I made those projects I feel something better, So I can do it myself without taking others help. Once I realize my strength, I didn't see back in my career.

    So, my suggestion is if you think that this is difficult, it should be difficult for you, if you think this is your life then you can't feel like that, you are looking for some other alternatives to become a good programmer.

    Hope you got my point, All the Best for your future..

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    Hi Vamshi Krishna.

    The first thing you should know is what actually the topics are present under the
    Make list of all those and try to learn one by one, there are many websites in the internet.
    State management is the important topic in and controls validations.
    Major concepts which you must and should learn are as follows.
    1.Page life cycle with all phases.
    2.State management
    -Client side state management
    -Server side state management
    3.Validation controls in
    4.Creating user controls and custom controls.
    5.Master page and content page.
    6.Authentication and authorization.

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