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    How to choose the right training institute?

    How to choose the right training institute based on Students reviews
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    Hai Ekamjeet,
    Choosing a right institute needs some research and the background about the institute. There are various things which can be taken in to account when choosing a right institute:
    1. Check the establishment of the institute for a particular course- Sometime the institute is old but the course you are looking for is new.
    2. Talk for the course content and the faculty who is proving training for the course
    3. Talk to the students which are taking training from that institute for the particular course and get reviews from them.
    4. Discuss for the practicals hands on training with the counselors like lab sessions, duration, timings etc.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    Hi Ekamjeet,

    Before join in any institute, enquirer about the institute with the student who already trained in that, and enquirer about trainer experience and way of teaching and lab facility and lab staff performance and last but not least fees, fees also most important, whether we used the institute for that cost or not that's most important.

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    Few quick things you can check,
    1. Syllabus
    2. Assistance to get interview after the course
    Apart from that you cannot check much except word of mouth and reputation of the industry.
    If you see NIIT is one of the good institute, they assist the students to get interview.

    Rest all depends how you learn and your interest in technology.

    Asheej T K

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    Thank you Pawan Awasthi and naveensanagasetti, for your valuable help, I am considering all these points during my search

    Pawan Awasthi, I am considering regarding institute establishment and course, but talking with the current or previous students is not possible sometimes.

    Naveensanagasetti, Talking with the trainer, trainer experience and the way of teaching, I will decide further during Demo class.

    What I accept from my internet research regarding the right training institute? A website that provides me a list recommended institutes based on student's reviews. So it's easy to go to further demo class and other inquiry. A website from where I can book demo class list of courses provided by institutes, some institutes also offer free industrial training, means complete details.

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    Hi Ekamjeet

    The best online training institute I recommend you is .
    The way of explanation is awesome with good english.
    Definitely you are going to get benefited from that.
    All the best..

    Sridhar Thota.
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    syllabus is the backbone of the institute, basically the syllabus should be latest and as per the industry need. Student review may be the one of the way to know about the institute but it should be a good way, review may be vary from student to student
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    Now a days education is becoming big business. So the student should very careful to select the training institute. Do not select by seeing the brand, advertising and initial talks.

    1. Enquire about the teacher's knowledge.
    2. Ask about the Syllabus and way of teaching.
    3. Duration is important do not select any short duration classes.
    4. If you have any other known students of the institute ask about the reviews.

    By Nathan
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    before you go to the training institute try to get a job over a small scale company without salary also never mind because real time experience is better than your training classes


    Prakash Natarajan

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    Thank you for your valuable support friends Finally, I got this website I got a complete list of institutes near me and I am also able to book a demo class here

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