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    Please help me what is remoting

    What is REMOTING.I need a definition of .NET REMOTING
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    Nice question why can't you search in Google.

    First read some articles still you are confused then let us know.

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    Remoting is the communication to deal between remotable object from a specific client or server application domain. in simple words .NET Remoting is a mechanism for communicating between objects which are not in the same process. In this case The applications can be located on the same computer, different computers on the same network, or on computers across separate networks. Here remote object is Any object outside the application domain of the caller application should be considered remote.
    There are three types of objects that can be configured to serve as .NET remote objects
    1. Single Call
    2. Singleton Objects
    3. Client-Activated Objects (CAO)

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    .NET remoting provides an abstract approach to interprocess communication that separates the remotable object from a specific server and client process and from a specific mechanism of communication.
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    Hai Amal Bhs,
    As the term says, it is used to work with the objects which are at remote locations like accessing the data from other remote places, servers etc.
    The transfer of the data is done through remote channels.
    Here the remote address is required to access the data.
    below is a link where you can find in details as well as the implementation using remote objects:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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