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    Compare a date which is stored as char(8) using LinQ


    In db, a date column is designed as Char(8).
    I want to compare if this date falls between 2 given dates.
    Where(tmp => tmp.DateField1.CompareTo(st_dt) >= 0 && tmp.create_dt.CompareTo(ed_dt1) <= 0)

    I tried this. But not getting expected results.
    Can anyone please correct me?

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    Hai Shari,
    To compare the date, first your char(8) value should e converted to the date format and once it is converted, you can compare it.
    Select Cast(@s) as Date will give you the date format.
    Now you can use your old code which should work.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi Pawan,

    Thanks for the reply.
    This is the LinQ which am using to fetch a set of columns

    (from r in table1
    orderby r.DateField1 descending
    select r).Where(tmp => tmp.DateField1.CompareTo(st_dt) >= 0 && tmp.DateField1.CompareTo(ed_dt1) <= 0)

    Here how to cast the DateField1 to Date?


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    With help of SQL you can use CAST method to cast input value to date and then compare see below snippet
    SELECT * FROM dbo.tbl_MyTable
    CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(10), DateTimeValueColumn, 102) AS DATE) = CAST(CONVERT(CHAR(10),GETDATE(),102) AS DATE)
    But in LINQ case you can use DateTime.Compare method
    DateTime.Compare(x.price_date.Value.Date, dt.Date) == 0).ToList();

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