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    Need help in android app development using Xamarin

    I have some forms which are like dashboards for my xamarin android app [Please find attached image].
    Need to know how to design them properly and make them work.
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    Xamarin's Visual Studio plug-in lets you build for iOS and Android on Windows.
    Yes, it seems impossible but you can build iOS and Android apps alongside Windows apps in Visual Studio. The Xamarin plug-in for Visual Studio provides project types, UI Designers, and build options for both Android and iOS.
    First you need to install Xamarin for Windows (Link :
    it will help you to create, build, test, and debug Android apps from within Visual Studio
    Xamarin's Android UI Designer works in Visual Studio, letting you create your user interface by dragging and dropping controls onto each screen.
    The Xamarin Android Player also runs on Windows, and provides a great Android simulator experience for testing your Android apps
    for more detail see below link

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    Thanks for the help prasad sir:)

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