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    Pagemethods are not defined

    hi all

    i am trying to call server side method on client side

    but i am getting error as "uncaught reference error:pagemethods are not defined"

    my code is

    <asp:LinkButton ID="ibtncommonzoom" runat="server" class="mdi-action-find-in-page" Width="25%" Height="25%" OnClientClick="ibtncommonzoom_Click()" ></asp:LinkButton>

    <script type="text/javascript">

    function ibtncommonzoom_Click()
    var queryID = document.getElementById('<%=Label1.ClientID %>').innerText;
    var name = ddlcommon.options[ddlcommon.selectedIndex].value;
    var area = null;
    var no = null;
    if (name != "0") {
    PageMethods.zoomlayers(queryID, name, area, no);
    return false;


    [ScriptMethod, WebMethod]

    public void zoomlayers(string queryID, string name, string area, string no)


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    You have to use the "static"

    You can try the following.

    public static string zoomlayers(string queryID, string name, string area, string no)



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    use static methods with WebMethod and call it using jQuery Ajax method

    [ScriptMethod, WebMethod]
    public static void zoomlayers(string queryID, string name, string area, string no)



    for more info


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    if you using 'ajaxToolkit' then you need to set 'EnablePageMethods' to 'true', see below markup
    <ajaxToolkit:ToolkitScriptManager ID="scriptManager"
    EnablePageMethods="true" />

    additionally Page Methods don't work in either Master Pages or User Controls. If you move the method up one level to you page it should work.

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    Hai Rishe,
    It seems you have forgotten to make the EnablePageMethods to true for the ScriptManager.
    You can check at the below link for more details:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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