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    WCF example to understand

    Can anybody provide WCF example which they have used in there project.I need it badly.Thanks in advance.
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    Hello Pinky,

    What example you want. You can google it for any example, Lot of example is there on the internet. If you want specific example then you should describe your question or requirement properly.

    I hope you don't mind with my answer.

    Nirav Lalan
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    This is the violation of company policies to share the project code, you just explore your question what you want exactly. so that our experts will help you or else directly check out by your self by Googling it, this is the best way to improve your skills.

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    In the google you can get lot of material easily.
    Following details you have to cover in your study.

    Try to cover the following topics using more than one materials.

    1. Service Orientation
    2. Interoperability
    3. Multiple Message Patterns
    4. Service Metadata
    5. Data Contracts
    6. Security
    7. Multiple Transports and Encodings
    8. Reliable and Queued Messages
    9. Durable Messages
    10. Transactions
    11. AJAX and REST Support
    12. Extensibility

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    Hi Pinky.

    First thing is to learn what is 3- Tire and n-Tire architecture, How the layers are divided.
    3-tire architecture basically contains
    BALlayer( Business logic layer)
    DALlayer(Data access layer)
    UIlayer(Presentation layer)

    You must know how the webservices are working, then you can easily understand the working of wcf services.
    The important things in wcf are Address,Bindings and contracts. In contracts we have message contract, data contract , fault contract so on..

    You can learn the 3-Tire architecture from below links

    This article will meet your requirement of 3-Tire architecture of wcf from below link

    Sridhar Thota.
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    WCF data service is a ready made templates available with Visual studio that gives us the possibility for creating ODATA complaint WCF services easily, When comes to Service Oriented Architecture or Programming, Microsoft's WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) technology plays a prominent role in the field
    see some of the below links to get better samples

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