Connection closed forcefully error message.

connection closed focrefully wcf

Dear Experts,

I am using mvc with wcf service, when calling to wcf service it has different parameters like

var model = client.AddEditUserManagement(userId, MyGlobal.UserInfo.MasterGroupDealerIds, MyGlobal.UserInfo.Description, MyGlobal.UserInfo.EntityId, MyGlobal.UserInfo.CurrentEntityId, MyGlobal.UserInfo.UserRoleId,MyGlobal.UserInfo.TerminalId );
It returns the result if terminalid passed not null, but if terminalid passed null it returns null and throws error connection closed. as in the service terminalid is guid type. I am validating the terminalid weather null or null , if null i am converting the terminalid parameter as guid.empty if parameter is null, even though it's throwing error.

please suggest me regaring this issue , as it was very urgent and I struck for 1 day.

Thanks in Advance.