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    If a tester offers to support development activities as well.. do companies allow such thi

    if a tester offers to support development activities as well.. do companies allow such thing?
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    Hi Sp.

    What actually your question is?
    Assigning development activities for tester depends up on the organization.

    Many companies maintain teams for designing, testing, development and maintenance. But if the company has less number of employees they may be assign more than one task as well.


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    SP - It purely depends upon seniors of company and what activities QA want to participate.

    I permitted many of QA's from my team to be a part of development team.

    Although, these days QA are not just a Quality Assurance guys but they are QA-Devs. So, in such case you can work as a developer where you can develop automation scripts using some framework etc. If you love to work with Selenium then you'll be a developer in that case you can work in C# or Java.

    In nut shell - it all depends.

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    Please elaborate what exactly you need, please follow rules & regulations before post a question. Then only people understood your need and based on there experience they will guide you, if you give minimal knowledge that won't be helpful to get proper response from others.

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    Hai Shweta,
    Its all depends on the companies. Sometime the company assign some testing activities to the developers too if they are having some products and there is less work for the developers and if the tester is from development background then it can be vice versa.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Usually tester wont be given the task of development as most of the testers wont like/know coding. but there are chances that a project developed by team A is given to team B which is also developers, for testing, provided team B dont have any tasks :)
    Do Good... Enjoy your life.....

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