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    How to prepare resume for two plus years of experience in dotnet

    send me some sample resumes to prepare and putting some projects
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    Hello Srikanth,

    You can google for sample resumes.

    Go through the below links for sample :

    Hope this will help you.

    Nirav Lalan
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    Hi Srikanth.

    Depending up on your experience you should prepare resume. So many resume formats are available over internet.

    If you don't have real time experience on .net projects, I suggest you to learn one or two real time project training classes which are provided by few institutions.

    So that you can able to understand the things better. For 2+ years experience you should have minimum two projects.


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    Can you go through Below link for Resume Format

    Name : Dotnet Developer-2015
    Email Id :

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    Hai Srikanth,
    For the 2+ years experience, your resume should be simple and describe about the roles and responsibilities clearly for each of the project.
    Also you need to make sure that each project should have the start date(mm/yy) and End date(mm/yy) with the team size, client name etc.
    Project description should be in short and clear to describe about the project.
    You can use any of the format provided by other in the above links.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    Few tips.
    i am entire doc to few parts. Part1 will come in the top of page 1, part 2 is below part 1, part 3 is below part 2 like that....

    1. Left side :Name in big letters, right side: mail id and phone number
    2. Objective (some thing you can take from google)
    3. Summary: you can write point wise like
    a. Total Experience
    b. Tools you know
    4. Qualification details includes certification
    5. Project details with tools used and duration if poosible, if there is link for demo urls, u can add that also. give a brief details of each project in maximum of 3 lines.

    6. personal details
    7. Declaration

    Make sure that total page size not crossing 2 pages

    Do Good... Enjoy your life.....

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    You need to elaborate your skills and your projects and your career background everything and more over you need to highlight your professional career everybody is seeing your professional background rather than your academic percentages. If you have any achievements mentioned those and most important thing you need to prepare your resume rather than asking your friends / colleagues help, if you want reference better to take any one resume sample or download it from naukri and then prepare it.

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    1. First thing is , In your resume first page should be most important. Because, Technical Person have to know about your technical aspects with in a minute. So, Kindly provide the areas of Working or Interest in Front Page.
    2. And You have to Mention your Experience details. Then Only he will decide to ask questions related to your Experience.
    3. Remaining Pages you have to Explain your working Projects Details. Mainly, you have to mention what;s role in those project this is very important.
    4. While interview, you have to explain the objective of the Project and what's your contribution. If you doing this means HR will conclude how you are good in that technology and so on.
    5. and Last Page you have to mention your Personal Details. While hand over your resume to concern person means , you have to sign.

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    Don't copy any resume format. Create your own with the experience you have and also the technology you know. Have a brief description about each project you have done in your profile.

    Asheej T K

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    Resume is the index for your experience. So you should careful to write.
    1. Show all your knowledge. Show the current technologies in bold letters. Do not include any of the technologies which you do not know.
    2. Use simple standard font in your resume do not go for too much decorations
    3. Show all the achievements whatever you got for last 2 years in your first page .
    4. As you have 2 years of experience do not show too much projects in your resume. Show only 2-3 project. Do not show any project which you do not have complete idea.
    5. Specify project duration against the project.

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    As stated by the members there are multiple ways to create your resume, but the important thing is what you are targeting on, you should have a good GOAL/AIM as your resume title
    Put your experience and area of expertise in it, your resume should contains following things
    1. Aim/Goal
    2. experience
    3. projects description that you have worked on
    4. area of expertise
    5. different conditions where you have worked in pressure
    6. Your award and achievement
    first page for your technical and professional details only and last page is for your personal details
    There are some personal/social details that you need to maintain, like your LinkedIn account and other technical site details

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    You have to take help of professional who have experience in Resume Writing. Do not do any mistake while writing resume because resume is the one which tell everything about you to the interviewer..Refer various sites for the same
    Online Dot Net Training Courses

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