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    Is this a software problem or of the podium ? help me please

    Hello my friends how the case I have a question I am a blogger on the Blogger platform and I have a problem when writing entry and I want to add. Or , ? Or other being written at the beginning of the line . Why?
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    what problem you faced when writing entry ? which blogging platform you are using google blogger or wordpress
    I have used both of them and fill comfortable with it, please explain your issue so that we can help you more in order to resolve your problem.

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    Hai Ahmed,
    Can you please explain your question in a bit more detail so that we can provide you the correct solution.
    Anyway, creating an entity is just writing a class with the properties. So you can create a class with the name of entity and then add the fields as the properties.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi @Prasad and @Pawan Awasthi.

    His question is while he making an entry in his blog, all the special characters like fullstop(.) comma(,) question mark(?) these special characters are getting written at the beginning of his line which he was typing.

    See the formatting option of the text once, did any setting have been changed in that. Make all options default and check once again.


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