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    How to restrict wcf methods to clients

    Hi all,

    I am working on wcf application,i want to give me service methods access to some clients,
    i want to know how to restrict method acceess for client,
    reply pls
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    To restrict WCF methods to clients, Check these links

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    Hi ,

    if u want to hide some methods to clients then do one thinks like the sample i will share for uu.

    public interface IStudentEnrollmentService
    void EnrollStudent(Student s);

    Student[] GetEnrolledStudents(); // Visible for clients

    here if u mention the method as operation contract, then it will visible for client..

    if u remove the operation contract from the methods then it wouldn't be visible for client like

    public interface IStudentEnrollmentService
    void EnrollStudent(Student s);

    Student[] GetEnrolledStudents(); // invisible to clients

    hope u will understand the concept of WCF..


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    Hi Ramana.

    To make few methods invisible for clients you should remove the [operation contract] attribute of the method.

    Methods with out operation contract attribute are not available for clients.

    By applying the role based security you can restrict the particular client from accessing your resources.

    [PrincipalPermission ( SecurityAction. Demand,
    Role = "Admin")]
    public double Add(double a, double b)
    return a + b;
    [PrincipalPermission ( SecurityAction. Demand,
    Role = " User")]

    For using certificate to restrict users refer below link.


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    Hai Ramana,
    Yes, The role based security can be applied to the individual operation contract in WCF services.
    if we have the set of users under the particular role, we can provide the security so that only particular group of user can get those operations when consuming the service.
    To assign the security based on the operation, we have the predefined annotation PrincipalPermission which can be set as:
    [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction. Demand,Role = "Role1")]
    void Operation1();
    [PrincipalPermission(SecurityAction. Demand,Role = "Role2")]
    void Operation2();
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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