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    Invitation to join our new programs

    Dear friends,

    Thank you all for your valuable contributions to and for being part of the DNS family.

    I would like to invite you to join 2 of our programs while you continue your great contribution in DNS:

    1. Techulator - this is our tech portal where you can publish information related to any technology topics. We have lot of ongoing rewards which allows you to make money by contributing content in the form of reviews, articles, discussions etc. Our Ask Experts section is a great place to earn revenue by posting answers. You can even earn money by posting questions that have potential to make money.

    2. IndiaTravelBlog - this is our new travel blog where you can earn money and win free holidays at various holiday resorts in India. I'm sure you would have travelled to some or other tourist destinations in the country. Just share your travel experience and you can earn lot of money and win many prizes.
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    Great to hear that. I will definitely contribute to other sites.
    Thanks & regards,
    Gaurav Kumar Arora
    Site Coordinator - DNS
    My blog -

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    Can we use dotnetspider's user name and password for Techulator to login. Or we need another registration?

    Ram Prasad

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    Dear Tony,

    This is Wonderful opportunity for all the Dns Members. Tony sir Thanks for the invitation. I feel privileged to member of those websites too . I will definitely Join the two new programs announced by you.


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    Hi Tony Sir.

    Make few changes in DNS regarding gifts as well.
    As Prizes have been removed from DNS, I request to implement that agian as earlier to make members participate actively.

    @Ram Prasad.
    You need to register as new user, you cannot use dotnetspider's user name and password for IndiaTravelBlog and Techulator to login.

    However you can choose same id and same password while getting registered as new user.

    Sridhar Thota.
    DNS Member.
    "Hope for the best.. Prepare for the worst.."

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    We will try to reintroduce a couple of reward programs in DNS soon. Thanks for showing interest.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Hi Tony Sir.

    Glad to here from you about the Idea of reintroduction of reward program in DNS.

    We will keep on contributing.



    DNS Member.
    "Hope for the best.. Prepare for the worst.."

    Sridhar Thota.
    Editor: DNS Forum.

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    One more suggestion is to improve the look and feel of Dotnetspider website like Code project or c# corner .So it will attract more people to visit the Website and nice to hear the above words from Tony sir.

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    Hello Tony John Sir,

    I am glad to here this invitation. We will contribute our knowledge and sharing at and also.

    Thank you for announcement.

    We will keep contributing.

    Nirav Lalan
    DNS Gold Member
    "If you can dream it, you can do it."

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    Thank you Tony Sir for giving opportunity to contribute Techulator and IndiaTravelBlog . Both are the good place for sharing knowledge and experience with others.

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    Hello Tony sir
    Thanks for sharing such a nice information.

    Please register to both website and contribute to get more prizes and rewards

    3 cheers for the team.

    Editor, DotNetSpider MVM
    Microsoft MVP 2014 [ASP.NET/IIS]

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    Thanks for sharing travel blog with us. It will be vary helpful in making decision for best place for travel.

    Also one more suggestion, there must be some common login for all websites like google. Like common control panel where we have access to combined money and we can withdraw it from common place.

    Saurabh Tyagi

    Rate As Answer, If you satisfied.

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    @Saurabh, You've got hell of Idea.
    @Tony sir, we also expect single ID kind of autheitication for network sites. Nowadays used by most of Community like Stackoverflow, MobileNations (AndroidCentral and other mobiles community) and many more sites.

    It will be great move towards attracting more user however you might face some revenue loss in direct way but indirect way, it will be more beneficial.

    Glad to be,
    John Bhatt
    Editor - DNS Forums

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    Thanks sir This certificate will motivate new members

    With regards

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    Thanks Tony to introduces these forums to the members and they can join and get the benefits out of it.
    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
    +91 8123489140 (whatsApp), +60 14365 1476(Malaysia)

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    Thanks Tony for inviting us to join the other programs which help us to gain and share knowledge as well as earn money.
    Senior Software Engineer,
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

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    Good initiative.

  • #765681
    Thanks for your invitation. We will look forward and contribute knowledge and experience here.

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    Thanks for your invitation.happy to join .is a good Opportunity

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    Thanks for the invitation.I am glad to explore new websites and contribute,

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    Thanks and its excellent opportunity to tech guys to share and help others to understand the technology as well as other stuff. First of all i thank to Tony about this great idea and all the best and hope every one use this opportunity and get great experience

    So, definitely i will be part of this program.

    B.Ramana Reddy

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