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    What is best solution to process messages from Service Bus Queue, Azure?

    Hi there,

    I create TCP service to receive data from electronic device but as there can 2500-3000 devices at a time can interact with my TCP service so I want to put those messages in queue for further process. I have to deploy my solution on Microsoft azure platform and I see two options Azure Queue and Service Bus Queue. I think best solution for me is Service Bus Queue as no. of device can go beyond ~5000+ in future.

    Now my concern is how I should process these messages from queue on azure what will be the best solution for that. In my earlier project, we implement WCF service on MSMQ binding to read message from queue and which was very successful with huge traffic. But now it is Azure platform so can you please suggest what the best solution is for that from performance and and security point of view.
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    As we know WCF supports message queue, WCF provides support for queuing by leveraging Microsoft Message Queuing (previously known as MSMQ) as a transport. When a message is received in the queue, the message handler ProcessOrder is invoked. The service extracts the ProcessOrder from the MSMQ message body, and processes the order.
    The MSMQ queue name is specified in an appSettings section of the configuration file, as shown in the following sample configuration.
    for more detail you can switch to follow link

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    Thanks for your reply.

    But as I said earlier, I already done WCF with MSMQ integration in my previous project. But now I want to deploy my site on Azure (a cloud based platform), so here I want to implemented queue process through Service Bus Queue not MSMQ. So can you please suggest best integration for the same?

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