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    Queries Regarding .net remoting

    Hi All,

    Recently i have had the chance to work with .net remoting. What I understood is that .net remoting is done using Serialization or by using MarshallByRefObject.
    My questions are as follows:

    i need to know the difference between these two Serialization and MarshallByRefObject?(in depth explanation is appreciated)

    Also why is WCF preffered over Remoting ?

    Even if we create a secure channel in Remoting which is more prefferable in terms of security(WCF/Remoting)?
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    Hi Tarun.

    There are many things to discuss if your question was "why wcf instead of remoting".
    There are different approaches to work with distributed technology given by different people.
    Definitely WCF has overcome all those and preferred now a days.
    Below links explains you why wcf than remoting.

    Difference between serialization and marshalling

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    The main thing over WCF migration is security, .NET Remoting is a legacy product and not secure in untrusted environments, it is not safe to expose public .NET Remoting endpoints
    WCF is good when you want to increase your choice for communication channels from TCP and HTTP to also include MSMQ and a considerably faster named pipes channel.

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