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    One Time Password should be sent to a reg mail id

    how to code for sending one password as CAPTCHA to a registered mail id..

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    For sending One Time Password or activation link to a reg mail id's

    Check the below links

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    With the help of ' OTP Generator Client' you can generate OPT and you can email it using 'System.Net' namespace. The test OTP generator client application is a self-contained tool that allows users to obtain OTP authentication values. It takes the place of a hardware device plus the challenge (such as a PIN request) that would typically be required in a real deployment. To compute OTPs, this client component uses a DLL that is shared with the authentication Web service. For the purpose of this sample application, the user will run the tool to create the next OTP and then manually type that value into a form in a Web browser. I'll do all of this using C#
    for more information on OTP you can choose below link

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    Hi ,

    for creating catpcha and sending to user, u can follow the below url and go through it.

    it will help u out, here they clearly describes the step by step..


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    Hello Hussain,

    Refer the below link. It contains great example for Safer authentication with OTP (One Time Password):

    Refer this link also:

    Hope this will help you.

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    Kindly go through the below mentioned Links. It Will helps you lot to achieve your requrirement.



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    You can do this using the following way. I hope you have the user table. In the user table you can have one field "TempPassword". In the UI you have button "Forgot password" right?. In the forgot password button click. you can do the following.

    1. Create the temp password use any of the algorithm with salt.
    2. Store that in the table against the user.
    3. Send this password to the users email as a link.
    4. The above link should open the page with the tamp password.
    5. In the conformation page read the temp password and check with the table then allow the user to acces your web site

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    you can go through Below links


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