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    Career Guidance for SQL Server DBA


    I need career Guidance . i am having 4+ years of experience Coding in .net Technologies. but am not interested to do further coding. i plan to concentrate on one technology because in dotnet i have to learn more (,c#,javascript,jquery,wcf,mvc etc....) I plan to focus in one area . am more interested in SQL Server DBA role.

    please give some ideas and suggestions.

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    Generally in DBA role there are some times night shifts as well as you need to perform admin related works and maintain the database 24 * 7.

    For DBA, you should have very good knowledge in SQL Server database. Please check out the below link if it helps.

    Miss. Jain
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net

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    1. you need to know to create table, procedures, views, indexes etc,
    2. there are so many things in sp creation like variable standards, fast output, use of correct joins etc.
    3. you may need to take back ups and recover if needed..
    4. Use of indexes will reduce the select speed.. but u need to know which column should indexing
    5.if it is something related with finance, pay roll, flight/hotel booking then u need to take back up regularly
    6. when moving from test to live, u need to take back ups properly

    Do Good... Enjoy your life.....

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    DBA role is should different from a developer. You have to know the each and everything in DB Rights and access and User Rights and So on. some times you have to act as developer point for resolving the issue. But DBA is quite easy ans very important role in each and every company. Kindly join in any reputed centre for learning the DBA role deeply. It will help u lot.. All the Best

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    TUNING the SQL QUERIES with with lock or nolock IS THE MAJOR THING FOR DBA. A Database administrator role is confined to see that your database and tables not get locked due to repeated call backs to that particular database and table. Here you have to remember one thing pl/sql developer is different form DBA. For example A DBA role is required whenever you are sending SMS to Mobiles or Cellphones e.t.c for there are some time period to send the SMS at time and subsequently you need to update the status column of the database when it perfectly received.So DBA role is not to get lock the Database for that he has to take precautions.

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    If you are in SQL DBA, you can continue on that. You can improve your knowledge in the same fields so that you can achieve quickly on that. If you want to drive into the .net you have to concentrate ( , C#/VB, MVC, Java script, Jquery, SQL Server etc... ). You have to decide. SQL DBA has also lot of opportunities.
    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Nathan the question ask by author is he wants to choose his profession as a sql DBA he is not presently SQL DBA. What he is asking is what will happen if he choose DBA as his profession and as it will be good or bad to choose his career.

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    Sorry Srirama, its my mistake I misunderstood the question.
    Sriram, My answer is do not change your department. We have lot of opportunities in .net . As you have 4+ years of experience you can achieve in the same fields. Lot of scopes are there. Improve your knowledge

    If you really want to change the fields and not like .net, you can go for SQL DBA but you have to do some hardwork in the initial stage.

    By Nathan
    Direction is important than speed

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    Nathan, No need to tell sorry just I want to tell that you overlooked the question.I just correct it. I do lot of mistakes.

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    Hi Sriram,

    If you move to SQL DBA you have to available 24*7, as a employee most of us not interested for working 24*7, if you are OK to work in that timings it's good option, if you don't want to do code part then my suggestion is move to supporting projects, all the companies having supporting projects, in later section you can move to Manager level, that was helpful to grow up your career.

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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