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    PDF to HTML conversion

    I have an template for sending mail in PDF format and i need to convert that PDF in to HTML for development purpose. Thanks in advance.

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    try the online tool mentioned below to convert pdf to html:

    or try any of the tools mentioned in the below links:

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    Do you want to generate an html file with a snapshot of the PDF inside it? Or do you want to convert the PDF contents to HTML contents (for example, if the PDF had a table, you want to generate an HTML file that has <table> tag)?
    If you want the first, a while back I used an sdk called lead tools that enables you to convert the PDF to an image then embed it inside an HTML page. But if you want the second, I think you will have to parse the PDF element by element and write the code that converts each element to an HTML tag.

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    Anajli- there are lot of free tools. But I am not sure about your exact requirements if you just want to show html using embeded images of your pdf then its very easy otheriwse the job is toughest. For more typical conversion you need to go for paid sources.
    You can try the free version of spare.pdf of ICeBlue. There is a DNS article which tells the same for XML file creation, you can look for their PDF solutions. Sooner I will submit one resource which will create PDF file as well coversion.

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    There are so many sites available to convert the files from pdf to html. All you need to do is google those sites and search for the best site as per you requirement. one of the site is
    you just have to upload your file that needs to be converted and the site will do the conversion for free.
    hope it hepls you out.

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