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    Issue in html to pdf generation using exprt pdf (ephtml2pdf)

    I have used expert html2pdf for pdf genratiion

    - I have one table consisting the various row with background color
    - after converting the html table to pdf it display space between table rows,
    when set zoom level of pdf to 100% .
    - If i reduced the zoom level below 75% it not display any space
    - Please check following screens

    Screen 100%

    Screen 75%
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    Actually the table spacing exists in both of your pdf .
    But when pdf are viewable with 75% than that space line are vanished because of thin line.

    So if you don't want to such line than you need to remove that line from your actual html before the converting pdf.

    Also you need to put cellpadding and cellspacing set to 0 in your table before conversion to pdf

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    I think it is the 3rd party tool and you will get support from their support team
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