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    Standard size of web page[height and width]

    what is the standard size of web page[height & width
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    There is no one standard size. People have different size screens. Even those with large monitors do not always browse full screen. It's all depends on your website space needed and design of your website.
    Saurabh Tyagi

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    Hi parthiban ,
    There is no fixed size for web page.
    You can create page as responsive for each window size.

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    Hi Parthi,

    As per ur requirement u can use Hight and width of Website..

    Generally we use the Width:100% and Hight:Auto.

    U can use the same code as above and try it out..


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    This is completely based on the requirement, there are no any rule to fixed the size of web page.

    But in general case developer prefer the mostly web page size near to screen size and most of case that will be approxe 1100*900.

    Regards & thanks
    Arvind kumar

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    We are developing Web page according to customer's requirement's.
    So the size will be depends on customer choice..So we can say there
    is no rule for the web page Hight and weith.

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    Unfortunately there isn't any standard size as the webpages now are accessed in a number of displays. Though to be on safer side, please research on the most popular resolutions (For example, 1024x768) and design on the basis of the popularity.

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