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    Getting Data Type Conversion Error

    In classic vb code, I am trying to get 8 digit value from textbox and assign it to recordset variable but I am Getting Data Type Conversion Error. Any ideas how can it be fixed? Make sure its classic VB6 .
    If Val(txtPOINT5) > 0 Then
    rstArHist("DiagP") = Val(txtPOINT5)
    End If
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    change your datatype int to long or bigint

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    Not working, same error after changing data type

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    Hai Sameer,
    Do you think you can assign the value to the record-set. Record-set is used to read the data and not to modify inside the record-set.
    So i think it will not work.
    If you want to set the data from the Record-Set, you can do this as:

    If Val(txtPOINT5) > 0 Then
    rstArHist.Fields("DiagP") = Val(txtPOINT5.Value)
    End If

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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