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    What do you mean by HTML?

    Are you looking for a way to what is HTML ? then read this thread to know more about it

    What do you mean by HTML?
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    Hai Bhawna,
    HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language) is one of the language to display the data on browser. Every browser understands the HTML data and based on the tags, they display it.
    Due to that it is called as HyperText and as it is tag based so called Markup language.
    All the tags which are used in HTML are predefined. You can go through the below link for the details:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    HTML is a HyperText markup language, that used to run on browsers, With HTML you can create your own Web site. it si light weight, see below snippet for more detail

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    Hi bhawna,
    HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is mostly used for design a web page then it run on browser what you designed.HTML has its own tags which help us to design the page.For know more about HTML copy and paste the following link on your browser ,

    Thank You

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    Hi Bhawna,

    HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the standard markup language used for creating and visually representing a webpage. HTML is the most widely used language on Web to develop web pages.

    HTML is being widely used to format web pages with the help of different tags available in HTML language. HTML was developed with the intent of defining the structure of documents like headings, paragraphs, lists, and so on.

    Please refer below links to know more about HTML:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Ram Prasad

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    HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. HTML is generally use to design web pages. It has many tags to display attractive pages like bold, Italic , underline. Including these feature it is also know the root script of web development. there are lots of online tutorial available for HTML.

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    HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language to create web pages. All browsers only knows HTML code. HTML is stateless language.
    HTML uses predefined tags. <HTML>, <HEAD> etc.

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    HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, its a markup language is a set of markup tags to design web pages, HTML pages contains HTML Tags, in which each tag defines different out put, and each tag must be defined in between lessthen and graterthen symbols, each content in web page must be enclosed with html start and end tags,

    for example

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    <html> --------------> Web page Declaration
    <head> --------------> page headder section
    <title>Page Title</title> --------------> page title section

    <body> --------------> display content
    <h1>My First Heading</h1> --------------> heading tag
    <p>My first paragraph.</p>--------------> hparagraph tag


    content between <html> and </html> describes an HTML document helps to create the web page
    content between <head> and </head> provides information about the document
    content between <title> and </title> provides a title for the document
    content between <body> and </body> describes the visible page content helps to create the display page
    content between <h1> and </h1> describes a heading
    content between <p> and </p> describes a paragraph

    HTML pages must be saved with the extension of .html or .htm

    in which most commanly used one is .html

    HTML is understandable by all the browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari, Google Chrome etc and also mobile devices too.


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    Here, is the short note/description on HTML :-

    HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language is the standard markup language used to create web pages. Along with CSS, and JavaScript, HTML is a cornerstone technology, used by most websites to create visually engaging webpages, user interfaces for web applications, and user interfaces for many mobile applications.[1] Web browsers can read HTML files and render them into visible or audible web pages. HTML describes the structure of a website semantically along with cues for presentation, making it a markup language, rather than a programming language.
    HTML elements form the building blocks of all websites. HTML allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to create interactive forms. It provides a means to create structured documents by denoting structural semantics for text such as headings, paragraphs, lists, links, quotes and other items.
    The language is written in the form of HTML elements consisting of tags enclosed in angle brackets (like <html>). Browsers do not display the HTML tags and scripts, but use them to interpret the content of the page.


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