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    Diff.between WCF and windows

    Dear All,

    Kindly clarify the excat difference between WCF service and Window services?
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    hey Karunanidhi

    A Windows service is an application that runs without a user being logged into the system, usually to process some data on the machine that needs no user intervention to work with.

    A Web service is a website that, when contacted, returns XML (typically) in one of several standard formats for the service consumer to process.

    Hope you get

    Abhijit Patil

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    Windows service are ment to Run on a single machine and have limited option to connect with, any web app or a Windows based application can access this service.

    Wheare as a WCF is a advanced version of the web service , which not only support HTTP protocol but many other like net tcp, MSMQ etc. It can consumed across the applications and over the HTTP.

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Windows service is an application which run on single machine. It is not user dependent. Windows service not supports any protocol. Starts automatically after windows/system boot.

    Web service or WCF service is a web site which is hosted by web servers (IIS). It supports HTTP, TCP, MSMQ protocols.

    Ashish Mayekar

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    please check this once

    there are lot comparisons on windows services and web services,
    *. windows services resides on windows and it are capable to start with windows startup, and

    *. wcf services resides on iis level it will start after iis is started,

    *. windows services are capable to controll the windows, and gives/ controls the soft ware which running on windows

    *. wcf services are capable to give/ control the windows or web applications.

    *. windows services are capable on tcp-protocol

    *. wcf services are capable of HTTP-protocol.

    *. windows services mainly useful when we want to run a software without manual interaction to process it for the selected operations.

    *. wcf services are useful when we want a faster data access for our application to give effective results in effective manner.


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