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    VB.Net DateTimePicker Tool Empty

    Dear All,

    I have DateTimePicker Tool in forms and within Datagridview my windows application [VB.Net].
    Need to clear the DateTimePicker display date in form and also contains date in Datagridview.
    My Scenario, user don't know any date while add records, so that it should not display current or any date, it should display empty.
    once added records, they will update same record with some date

    is possible in DateTimePicker Tool means,
    Give me solutions.
    is available anyother Tool to clear dates ?

    Ramkumar G.R
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    You can use this code snippet for VB.Net DateTimePicker Tool Empty

    this.dateTimePicker1.Format = DateTimePickerFormat.Custom;
    this.dateTimePicker1.CustomFormat = " "

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