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    What are the main differences of web Service,WCF,WCF Rest,Web API


    I want to give a seminar on Web Service,WCF,WCF Rest,Web API in my organization.
    For this I am collecting difference on them, such as what are web services,wcf,WCF rest,WEB API,
    What are their advantages/disadvantages, in what scenarios/requirements we can use, why they are introduced?
    Kindly provide me better information, so that I can prepare well presentation.

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    .Net provides various options for creating services under .NET Framework. Before WCF, ASP.NET Web Services are used to ceate service in .NET Framework.
    Now WCF is the latest programming model for building and developing service-oriented application. WCF allows applications to communicate with each other in distributed environment.
    WCF is a set of technologies that covers ASMX web services, Web Services Enhancements (WSE), .NET Remoting and MSMQ.

    Wcf Hosted in IIS, WAS (Windows Activation Service), Self-hosting, Windows Service. where as Webservice hosted on Hosted only in IIS.

    wcf Supports various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, Named Pipes and MSMQ. where as webservice Supports only HTTP, HTTPS protocols.

    lot of differnce is there apart from that Wcf has capacity to extent the protocal which is comming in future also..

    wcf Supports security, reliable messaging, transaction and AJAX and REST supports. where as webservise less secure.

    wcf supports lots off binding like Httpbinding,webhtpbinding,wsbinding and Dualbinding etc..

    for ur references kindly go through the below link:

    Hope it will help ful for uu..


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