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    WCF there is many bindings are there

    Hi all
    in WCF there is many bindings are there, still now i am using basichttp binding only, in which situation i will have to use other bindings, please can you describe me the bindings behaviour with small example. thank you
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    Some of the bindings are as follows,

    - Basic Http Binding-used to communicates with Normal ASP.NET Web services
    - TCP Bindings - used to communicates with services in 2 machines in the intranet
    - MSMQ -
    - IPC binding- Communicates with 2 services in the same machines
    - Web Binding - used with REST services

    Please refer the below site, you will get some more info about WCF Services

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    Thank you tanya

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    You use the WSDualHTTP binding if there is two way communication.

    If it is a Intranet application user netTCP binding.

    MSMQ foe message transfer application.

    ETC> for more details please refer

    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    this are some scenario when to use which binding

    1. basicHttpBinding
    basicHttpBinding is best when you have traditional ASMX(Active Server Methods) web services and needs to be replace with WCF.
    It supports text as well as MTOM encodings and it does not support WS-* standards like WS-Addressing, WS-Security and WS-ReliableMessaging.
    basicHttpBinding uses HTTP or HTTPS protocols. You can configure SSL for Transport Layer security with basicHttpBinding for HTTPS.
    2. WsHttpBinding
    This is secure and interoperable bindings uses SOAP over HTTP. With WsHttpBinding messages are encrypted by default and achieve message level security.
    It supports reliability, transactions and security over internet. I
    3. wsDualHttpBinding
    wsDualHttpBinding is best when you required bidirectional communication with client. In some scenario when client makes call to WCF service,
    after processing of long running request service has to call client application for example updating shipment details to client application.
    It supports reliability, transactions and security over internet.
    5 .webHttpBinding
    webHttpBinding is best when you wish to implement RESTFul WCF service. This is secure and interoperable binding which sends information directly over HTTP or HTTPS without creating SOAP messages.
    It allows HTTP request to use plain old XML (POX) style messaging which reduces the message size on wire compare to SOAP messages.

    6. NetTcpBinding
    netTcpBinding is best when WCF service and its clients are in Intranet infrastructure.
    As it supports only TCP protocol and not HTTP so service cannot be accessed over internet.
    it is faster than other binding in Intranet environment.

    7. netNamedPipeBinding
    When your WCF service and its clients reside on same computer netNamedPipeBinding is the best choice and gives best performance over other bindings.
    This is secure bindings. Binary encoded SOAP messages are sent over named pipes.
    See how to implement netNamedPipeBinding in WCF services.
    8. netPeerTcpBinding
    netPeerTcpBinding is best when you require more security for peer to peer communication as netTcpBinding does not provide it.
    It is secure binding and supports TCP protocols.

    Umesh Bhosale

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