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    How to Writing Excel templates file ?

    Are you looking for a way to Writing Excel templates file ? then read this thread to know how to write it

    I need to write preloaded excel file templates in multi user environment.Currently I am using open xml sdk software but It does n't support multi user, and slows down the site when multi user hits the site for excel downloading.

    what is the best way to do that??
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    I am not aware about your code but see if following suggestions will work with your logic
    Do not reply on single excel template file, In multi user environment you need to copy your template with the userid of each user so the load will reduced and you can deal with the things easily.
    Your site run slow at download time or at Excel file writing time
    Can you share your code with us so that we can help to accomplish your task

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    Hi Tanuja,

    You can use open XML 2.0. It is a free library that does NOT require office to be installed and you can perform read and write operation.
    Also if you need more features like rendering or want to use XLT then, its better to use some third party tool for this purpose.
    One of them is Aspose. Please see the below link for the details-

    Ashutosh Jha

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    Hi Ashutosh

    I am using open xml sdk 2.0 to write the excel sheet and using io.package to copy the excel template package to new file. but somehow it creates deadlock when multiple user try to download the sheet.

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