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    How to Remove duplicates search items in sharepoint 2007

    Are you looking for a way to Remove duplicates search items in sharepoint 2007 ? then read this thread to know how to remove it

    Hello vetarans,

    i have two list. for one list when i search items using some term it is showing all respective items without duplicates in result.aspx.
    for second list which is having same data as list one, when i search with one term it is showing duplicates.
    both searhing page is redirecting to result.aspx.
    Please tel me how to resolve it.
    could you please tel me how to remove du
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    Hi sarithamakara,

    I think it depends on the query that you may have written to search the database. In the second list, you might have some repeated records and you were not using distinct keyword to select only unique result. Please check these.
    The exact issue i can tell only when i will have the code. So once you will post the code here, we will be able to provide exact solution to this.

    Ashutosh Jha

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    Searching is the default nature in SharePoint. If you are facing any issues in that then just checking appropriate settings of that.

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