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    Table Design in VB 2010

    While using VS 2010 (VB),I have several tables in MS Access as the back-end. One table is storing data about product sales on daily basis, ie. Products A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, etc. I need to create another table which will SUM up the total sales of each product, i.e. SUM of A, Sum of B, Sum of C etc. How do I manage this?

    Secondly, in this table with the SUM of each product, Money can be transferred from Product B to Product D or C, or A etc. How can I achieve this with both tables having changes in there total sum? i.e If money is transferred from Product B to Product C, Total(SUM) in B should REDUCED while SUM in Product C is being increased.
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    Create a .NEt console application to update the new table with the required details like SUM of the product and then money transfer depends on the money difference. Once you have this console application schedule this in windows scheduler or any other scheduler depends on the frequency you want to update this data.

    Asheej T K

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    Hello Asheej T K,

    Am now too confused after reading your reply.
    How is this done?

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