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    Software Requirements for mobile site development

    well i am intend to learn mobile site development. let me know the Tools or software to be installed for the same
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    The Microsoft Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) enables you to easily build ASP.NET applications that include mobile Web pages. You can include mobile Web pages in any ASP.NET Web site alongside ASP.NET Web pages. In Visual Studio, you can work with the adaptive rendering, customization, and extensibility features of ASP.NET mobile controls, using the standard IDE design tools: the page designer, the Toolbox, the debugger, Source view, Design view, and more.
    And for mobile application, windows 8 is very useful. But in ASP.NET also we can develop this. for this we have to use some reference-
    ll mobile web pages are inherit from MobilePage class which exists in System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace.ASP.NET exposes a System.Web.Mobile namespace is for specifically to Web development.

    For more details, please read this article-
    Hope this will help you !!

    Ashutosh Jha

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    It depends in which platform you want to develop mobile apps
    1) Android

    for android
    You can use Android SDK and xamarin

    2) Windows

    Microsoft Windows SDK, Platform SDK, and .NET Framework SDK are software development kits for windows phone developement.
    You can use visual studio to develop windows application

    3) IOS
    You can use Titanium SDK,xamarin,corona SDK for IOS developement

    you should try to explore more regarding that in google,for your better understanding, there are thousands of results over there.

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    Hi prathiban,

    I'm getting some confused about your post, you want to know how to prepare mobile application or mobile site implementation. I guess you are expecting mobile site implementation. If you are looking for the same then search in google there are no.of sites with good design tool, better to refer those sites and implement you application same like that.

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