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    How to Write a C# program with oops concepts ?

    Are you looking for a way to Write a C# program with oops concepts ? then read this thread to know how to write it

    write a C# program which should include oops concept of C sharp
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    Hi rajanikanth,

    That's based upon your requirement and based upon your architecture you may found the same in Google also better try to search in google for the same.

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    OOPS concepts provides a huge range of facility to manipulate code and consume it as our need
    OOPS conceps contails
    1) Abstactaction
    2) Interface
    3) Polymorphysm
    4) Inharitance
    5) Encapsulation

    You can there of as per your need
    Try to explore more in google regarding those topics, You will get thousands of resultsd regarding that.

    Here i gave you some reference links for your reference.. :)

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    C# uses OOPS concept so if you use, Class you are using OOPS, if you DO inheritance from class a to b it is also an Oops concept.
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    C# program which should include oops concept means you are going to implement the oops concepts in your c-sharp codes. Ie. you should use Polymorphysm,Abstactaction,Inharitance,Encapsulation and Interface in your program. Check the below links to get the details and implementation of oops concept in C#.

    Ashutosh Jha

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    Thank you sir

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    The features of object oriented programming is as follows
    1) Interface
    2) Abstactaction
    3) Polymorphysm
    4) Encapsulation
    5) Inharitance
    you can get example on each features in below link, please check them out

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