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    If MBA(IT+HR) of any value after BTECH IT

    kindly let me know If MBA(IT+HR) is of any value after BTECH IT??? I am Btech IT and pursuing MBA(IT and HR)from ptu university(distance)..mnagement recently told me MBA (IT and HR) is of no worth after B.TECH (in terms of more opportunities or GROWTH). . is this true???
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    As far as i know, its not like no worth in doing MBA after B.TECH. Every course is good.. But the distance learning may create some problem here. Beacuse some company don't hire a person who have completed their education from distance learning. But don't worry there are huge number of organization who take professionals from distance learning also. So as you are already doing so no point of talk about this. So better i would suggest you to continue with your course and preapare hard. There are many IT companies who take BTech+MBA guy for the HR role.

    Ashutosh Jha

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    That's totally false, HR having good future in market but the thing is If you did in Regular basis and you did MBA in B-Schools then only you get no.of opportunities other wise it's some what typical to get. That's based upon your interest while searching a job.

    Hope this will help you...

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    In order to get placement in a company BTech IT will be sufficient. MBA will be an added advantage to open some more areas, otherwise your current education is sufficient. Try to attend all the the interviews and get into a company. You can do MBA at any time if you are interested to do the same as distance learning.

    Asheej T K

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    Hai Id2014,
    Yes, If you do any course which is distance is having very less value and some time it will have no consideration at all.
    But we should think positive. You can get some add on with your profile if you do the HR job. because IT will have no value with MBA IT and HR both are different fields.
    Its all depends on you and you need to think that which side you wanna to go in your career.Once you decide that, you can work on the short comings which you have to achieve that career. Simply doing any course will not help anymore.
    If you want to be in IT programming, go with it. If you don't want then go with the HR side.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    you need to not only complete the course with good rank but also master it. There are many people who do the course but only few who really understands its significance. Dont just do it for degree. Get some real time experience along with it so it will be more beneficial to you.
    Miss. Jain
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net

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    plan to get into the top bschools or join in to ur near best bschools prepare yourself,attend seminars for business current trend in the market do research for urself and be outstand from ur collegues that will help you get place otherwise u are in a person of 100 mbaians

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