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    What is the diff bw WCF and WFP and Silverlight vs sharepoint

    i am really confused in WCF vs WFP also what is silverlight why y use it and where. means desktop application or web applications. Also let me know about sharepoint.
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    There is no point in asking difference between this technologies, rather I am providing you the details of what is this technology all about.

    WPF: Windows Presentation Foundation - Using WPF you can make rich Graphical user interface with attractive style and structure. It uses new markup language known as XAML. WPF has got an excellent Multimedia support. WPF is mainly used to develope widows desktop application. It can be deployed as web application also, you may refer :

    WCF: Windows Communication foundation is similar to web services but Microsof added more advanced features in WCF to make more flexible compared to webservices.
    Few most important advantages of WCF over webservices are,
    --> WCF supports more protocols for transporting messages than ASP.NET Web services for example WCF supports TCP/IP, HTTP, PIPE, MSMQ etc.
    --> Deploying and managing applications made simple in WCF.
    --> WCF offers activity tracing from senders to receivers
    --> WCF service can be hosted outside IIS

    There are lot more, you may refer MSDN for more info:

    To learn WCF I would suggest you to go through MSDN video tutorials:

    Silverlight is a different technology introduced by Microsoft to make RIA over the web. Using Silverlight you will be able to develope cross brwser and platform independed application.

    If you wanted to make a colorfull interface for the users you may use silverlight otherwise for the normal web application ASP.NET will be better option. If your application is intented to do lot of database operation then ASP.NET will be right option.
    Refer: to know more about silvelight.

    SharePoint is a collaboration software which helps you to simplify the data flow. SharePoint site can act as a single location for all your business websites. Building website using SharePoint is much easy compared to .NET because of the template we have in SharePoint. There are lot more benefits which you may refer from :

    Asheej T K

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    Thanks for your answers, but plz let me know when to write windows applications and when to write WFP application because we can create a same application in both.

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    WE are using WPF application for following reason

    WPF is Microsoft's next invention in interactive Windows based Application. We can create windows application (desktop application) with 3D effects and animations using WPF.

    Create a Graphical interface Application with hardware. Winforms controls are built using Graphics Device Interface (GDI) and GDI + (.Net Version of GDI). It supports graphics hardware.

    We can use 3D effects and animation in desktop application using WPF.

    Thanks and regards


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    WCF and WPF are completely differenct technologies altogether.
    WCF - Windows Communication Foundation is used for communication across different applications/services in any language provided one of the application is in .net

    WPF is Windows Presentation Foundation. It is used for rich User Interface Windows Based Application development. It uses the processing power of the client machine. In WPF we have XBAP - Extensible Browser Application which is like a plugin in the Browser.

    WPF provides many features like
    1. Multiple protocols: HTTP/HTTPS/TCP/Named Pipes/ Message Queue
    4.Hosting in different environments like IIS/Windows Activation Service/Console/Windows Applications

    WCF is used for Service Oriented Applications. which follows four tenets of SOA.

    Miss. Jain
    Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist in .Net

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    windows 8.1


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