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    Visual Studio.NET Code Editing Tips and Tricks - 15 Ways to Improve Productivity

    1. Quickly save a document: press Ctrl + S.
    2. Rebuild your solution: Press Ctrl + Shift + B or Alt + B Alt +B to compile your code.
    3. Keep or remove break point in your code by pressing F9.
    4. Press F5 to start debugging. Press Ctrl+F5 to start executing.
    5. Press the F8 key to navigate through the errors.
    6. You can create an item to appear on the Task List by right pressing Ctrl +K Ctrl +H (or by clicking on the code and selecting Add Task List Shortcut).
    7. You can quickly invoke the signature info by pressing Ctrl +Shift +space.
    8. Type few characters and press Ctrl +space to use IntelliSense.
    9. To toggle word wrap, press Ctrl +R .
    10. If you want to find a matching brace for a curly bracket ({}) or the parenthesis (()), place cursor next to it and press Ctrl+].
    11. Select the block of code, press Ctrl +K Ctrl +C to comment and press Ctrl +K Ctrl +U to uncomment.
    12. To keep (or remove) a book mark, press Ctrl +K Ctrl +K, go to next book mark, press Ctrl +K Ctrl +N & Ctrl +K Ctrl +P to the previous book mark
    13. Select the block of code, press Tab (or Shift-Tab) to alter indentation. To select a block of code, press Shift + down arrow.
    14. To collapse the code to definition, press Ctrl +M Ctrl +O and press Ctrl +M Ctrl +L to expand.
    15. To see what all code you visited or edited in the current edit session, press Ctrl +hyphen. To navigate forward, press Ctrl + Shift + hyphen.
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