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    what is the difference between static and readonly in

    i want difference between static keyword and readonly please help me
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    Readonly is the keyword and we can change its value during runtime but only through the non-static constructor. Not even a method.

    Static word is used to define a static members means it can be common to all the objects and they do not tied to a specific object. if we make a static class then all the members of the class must be static. if we make a any variable static then it can accessed without class or form object
    for more information on static go through following link

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    you can change the value of a static keyword but you cannot change the value of read only field once you assign it a value. Static variable can be shared across multiple users and changed as per the requirement but readonly variable cannot be changed.
    static variable is accessed using classname.variablename whereas readonly variable is accessed using object of the class.

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    As its name suggests if you declare a variable as readonly the variable cannot be changed in all the places except in the constructor.
    The advantage of readonly is you will be able to assign the value once unlike constant which you need to assign in advance.
    There is one good explanation in this article:

    In case of normal variable you can assign and reassign at any time you want. There is no restriction on this.

    Static class is similar to other classes but you don't need to instantiate static class. Which means you don't need to create object of the class to access the methods.
    System.Math class is one of the static class in .NET.

    You may read more about it from MSDN:

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