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    How to prepare for interview

    Are you looking for a change in job ? want to know how to prepare for interview ? then read this thread to know how to do it

    i am working in IT dept of university. I don't have much work there, I have selected on dot net knowledge but during the work they told me to work on different technology. Now my total experience become 2.6+ in dotnet and actually i worked only for 8 months on it
    So how can I cover this difference ? What care should I take while searching next job ? how to prepare for interview

    thanks in advance
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    Its not a unique case, I have seen many people having same condition like you, opportunity is the bind thing, you get only 8 months on .NET now you need to upgrade your self with latest knowledge in .NET, check following concepts in .NET
    - ASP.NET web controls
    - Webservice
    - Introduction to MVC.NET
    - Validation and exception handling
    - deployment
    - OOPS example and its features
    - AJAX control toolkit and JQuery concepts
    - DLL and assembly
    - SQL stuff, stored procedure, primary, secondary keys etc
    focus more on practice rather than theory
    Bet of luck

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    Hai Sanjlaxmi,
    I think its better you need to go first with the basics and learn them as most of the places in the interviews, they asks for the basic questions.
    Once you complete the basics, you need to learn few advanced concepts like WCF, and little bit of MVC. This will be add on to your profile and will help in the shortlisting of your resumes well as you will get some preferences over other candidates in the interviews.
    Hope it will be helpful to you.

    Pawan Awasthi(DNS MVM)
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    Since you already have some experience in .NET you can show the complete experience as .NET but you need to make sure that you have the .NET knowledge of a 3 year experienced person. Otherwise it will back fire. So prepare well for the interview by going through interview questions and also by doing some dummy projects. Keep on updating your knowledge by reading online tutorials and practicing in your local system.

    Asheej T K

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    thanks all...
    actually i can well prepare theory...
    bt if i tell interviewer i hav 3 yrs exp in dot net den i will get work lyk exp.person...and its depend upon work dat i can do or not...i am trying to develop dummy modules bt still i am worried...

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    Hi sanjlaxmi,

    You have 2.6 years of exp in .net platform but you don't have that much knowledge in that platform, in that case my best suggestion is join in any dotnet forum site like dotnetspider and try to contribute some time in that forum atleast 2 hours a day and if you don't know the solution of that issue then try to search in google and give proper solution to resolve that issue. Then after 2 months you get some confidence, "I can able to attend the interview". Once you got that confidence level then refer below link for interview questions and get answers for that and attend the interview. Definately you succeed, if you follow this. This is my realtime experience.

    Hope this link will help you to clear all your interview questions.

    All the Best..

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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