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    How to deploy a silverlight website ?

    Are you looking for a way to deploy a silverlight website ? then read this thread to know how to deploy it

    I am new to silverlight.I would like to know how to upload a silverlight website to the server using firezilla
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    Hai TechSoft,
    When you create the new Silverlight Project, it will ask you to host this application in the existing application or you want to create a new application which will be attached to this Silverlight application and will be hosted automatically similar to the hosting of web applications.
    Actually for the silverlight application,when you build,it creates the xap file.
    The xap files contains all the design and code of your application in zip format including the related configuration settings for the application.
    This xap file contans 2 files:
    1. dll of the application
    2. xaml file
    Now these files will be used by the web application like and that application will load the xap file and use the configuration.
    The application will load the xap file to the client machine in the first request and then on-wards, it will use it for the communication with server.
    You can also go through the below link for more detailed about the life cycle of the Silverlight application:

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    You can deploy a Silverlight application using xcopy, see below steps to know more about it
    1.Build and test (F5) your Silverlight project
    2. Create a empty virtual directory in IIS
    3. Copy the ProjectName.xap file from \bin\debug folder to a virtual directory
    4. If your application includes Microsoft Expression Encoder files or media files, you'll have to copy those files also.
    5. Copy your test page to virtual directory (e.g. default.html)
    6. That's it. we have finished the settings,Now directly Browse to the web page that calls your Silverlight application to test how it appears

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