BizTalk Maps: Passing dummy inputs to Product Record

We have 2 records in destrination schemas, one is product record and the other is productcountry. Product record is related to USA and productcountry record is related to Chile

Business wants to process 'Products country' related to Chile. Currently we have only 'Products' for USA in place. This change must be in such a way that it satisfies the following scenarios:

1. If Business wants to process just USA– completed

2. If Business wants to process US & Chile – completed

3. If Business wants to process Just Chile data(product COuntry) – this has to be implemented (assuming the same and 2nd scenario but we need to pass dummy inputs to USA( I mean to product record) – so that the XML is intact)

Schema must not be changed. In Map, I need to change to ensure that the above scenarios are met. We have already completed 1 and 2 nd scenerios. But I dont have any idea how to do the scenerio 3. Please help me