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    Error :

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    Hi Everybody,

    When i try to validate my xml file with schema i got this below error message. Can any one please tell me how to resolve this error. I google it, but no use.

    This is the error message

    Type '' is not declared

    As of my understanding integer type is not declared, but my question is where we need to declare that.?

    I'm awaiting for your feedback..

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    Hai Naveen,
    It seems that the issue is in mapping between the XML Schema type and the SQL Schema types and due to that you are getting this error message.
    All the schema types which you are using in your XSD document to validate the XML should be validated with the SQL Server table schema definition.
    So you need to check in your SQL Schema whether you have the correct and validate type in the fields.
    Check the below link for reference.

    Hope it will be helpful to you.

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    Hi naveen
    Are you looking to execute some sql statement here ? When you got this error ? when internet connection is ON on your server, is same error throw up ? cause the schema path in your error is from sql site only and when you switch ON internet on your machine the error will fly away.
    I think you need to use some local schema location rather than 'http' web location.
    checkout for following link for more detail

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    Its the issue with the schema you are using for validating your XML. Best option is to make use of standard schema validation. Use the standard one.
    Thanks & Regards
    Anil Kumar Pandey
    Microsoft MVP, DNS MVM

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    Hi Prasad,

    Actually my user gave me one Schema file as well as one xml file. I just convert my xml file as same like schema using XSLT. After that i need to validate the new xml file with schema at that time i got this error message.

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