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    Each year new company

    working in a company for one years only . For example i have 5 yrs total experience, and each year i work in different company. so i have worked in 5 companies in 5 yrs. is this OK?
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    Many companies won't consider such employees as they think that this kind of employee will change the company again after an year so spending time on this kind of resource will be waste of money and time.

    So think before you shift company each year, it might be helpful for you to get good hike but definitely it will not help you in long run.

    Asheej T K

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    Why you want to shift your company each year ? it will spoil your resume, i think you should do this until you do better opprtunity or you get good knowledge.
    Change company after some period may be consider for salery hikes and HR team will entertain such candidate in their company.
    So stay in same company for a 2 or 3 years atleast and then try to fly out.

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    Don't do this type of things that will make negative reputation of you.
    as they will think that you can also leave that company after one year so that will we the waste of time and money for them.
    So inspite of changing the companies again and again wait for the best apportunity, get it and then give your 100 % that will make your profile strong as well as good reputation of your in company.


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    thanks friends for your valuable advise.

    one more doubt , incase company is not going to give relieving certificate also does not support while verification calls , how should i handle this kind of issue. please advise

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    If you Keep on doing this means most of the companies won't consider you while interview. Career path is most important like technical knowledge.
    While Background verification will be make you as Positive means kindly don't mention that in career. But you have to compromise the HR related thing. If the HR convinced means then there is no Problem. But avoid these type Jumping from one company to another.

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    Its not good at least to try to stay in the current company for few years. If you are changing the company because of some reason(money, environment etc...). Its depends you. You can tell that company is not suitable for you. If you are doing the something for 5 year. Definitely it will affect in your feature. So do not try to change the job often.
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    It's not good to change the companies frequently, my suggestion to try to stay in one company at-least for 4 - 5 years since you have changed 5 companies in 5 yrs of experience, you should maintain some stability from now on wards, Wishing you all the best...

    Give respect to your work, Instead of trying to impress your boss.

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    Yes it is not good but if the circumstances made so you can tell the reason why you had change so many companies when short listing recruiters will not show interest in your resume.So better not to change the companies frequently.

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