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    SharePoint 2013 package issue

    Are you looking for the way to convert you ASP.NET website to a sharepoint site? Facing any issues while change your .aspx application to sharepoint? read this thread to learn more about it.

    Hi Everybody,
    We are facing some issue while migrate normal .aspx applications into SharePoint Package 2013. What could be the exact problem is when post back happens in some pages controls data is missing. but that code part is working fine in normal .aspx applcation. Then after that we contact to MicroSoft team based on there instruction we follow some steps like increase the state of that controls, in local server and check that working fine. But my Manager won't accept to increase the size of that settings why because if one task purpose we won't recommend to increase the size of server settings. That's way he ask me to change the code logic, i do some changes in one page and that page working fine now. But in another page we have some relations between one control to another ex: ddl2 depend upon ddl1, ddl3 depend upon ddl2... like that we have some realtion in one page. If we overcome the post back then it's working fine but on each and every selectedindexchanged event we are binded some methods. Now, how to overcome the postback and rebind that methods whatever i wrote on selectedindexchanged event.

    Give me some suggestion out of this..

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    Hi Naveen,

    I doubt you have any other alternative event you can use in place of selectedindexchanged event, this might be the reason Microsoft advised you to increase the size of the settings.

    Asheej T K

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    Hi Asheej,

    I tell you that event for example purpose, actually if we perform maximum no.of postbacks in a page then in the mean time we loose the controls data. For example i have one button if i click that button i want to display some information into my gridview. Now, i try to click that button no.of times in the mean time data is missing in all controls available in tha page.


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    Hi Naveen,

    Did you reassign the data to controls when the form get postback?

    If you reassign the values from DB to controls in postback means please block the function in postback method.......

    Lingaraj Varatharajan.

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